Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blog 2

The belief being studied seems to fall under the non- Catholic Christian perspective. I believe it would be denominations such as Methodist or Baptist. The beliefs of this religion are being politically conservative by standing for pro-life movements, pro-gun movements, and praying in public and using Jesus' name in school. The groups' identity falls into a very strict conservative who bases their beliefs in politics alongside Christian beliefs. The group is pro-life and explicit about avoiding abortion, especially late term abortions. This belief stems from the Christian faith where Trump and Clinton have very different views. Digital Religion has is being used for self-expression and reflection. This page alone offers many resources for people who agree with this perspective to find funny, explicit retorts to democrats in an effort to defend their faith.

The first example is a meme with a picture of babies at 36 weeks talking about how Hillary and Bernie believe in abortion up at that time. It shows two fully formed babies outside the womb to portray a Christian value of being pro-life for the sake of the baby looking and feeling like a baby and not tissue. It also goes as evidence why this user would be supporting Trump, as Trump does not believe in late term abortions.

Another meme portrays Tim Tebow praying while Kaepernick is kneeling during the pledge. The meme asserts Tebow was persecuted by the media while Kaepernick was applauded. To this group, this is a case of discrimination toward Christians that does not happen to other faith systems. Compounded by the fact that Kaepernick was believed to be Muslim, the user most likely is asserting that depending on a person's race, the media will treat the individual differently. 
In conclusion, the group is Christian and that influences their political beliefs. Trump may not be the best Christian leader, but the groups core beliefs conflict greatly with Clinton and Bernie. They hold their views very strictly, and spend much of their time promoting memes to defend their strongly held views.

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