Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blog 1

I will be following the Instagram page called "fabulous conservative". This page portrays conservative Christians who most likely fall under the broad category of Christian, non-Catholic. The Instagram page tries to argue that Christianity and Conservatism merge by pointing out inconsistencies in non- Christian Conservative logic. This account uses memes pointing at the Christian faith dealing with recent political events and issues brought on by the election. The account focuses on issues relating to how Christians feel about recent political events. I want to study how Conservative Christians deal with political pressure as well as the social pressure to create a better face for their religion. I want to study how Christians are trying to assert themselves in their political beliefs by using memes.

For example, one meme shows Donald Trump taking a picture with a woman wearing a hijab and her child. The meme points out that CNN would not post the picture because, in their opinion, the media does not show the full picture of Trump, and by proxy, does not show the full picture of Christian Conservatives.

A second meme portrays a similar theme. It quotes Trump talking about vetting Muslims and deporting illegal immigrants who are also criminals. In this Instagram account user's opinion, the media does not represent Trump fairly. They are asserting the media reports that Trump hates Muslims and Mexicans when the opinion of the user is that he is quoted as saying something completely different.

Both of these memes are meant to save face of the Conservative Christian in politics by undermining the medias interpretation of Trump and themselves. 

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