Thursday, November 10, 2016

Blog 5: Authenticty

The offline culture is setting standards for the religious and political implications of this post because the idea of "True love wins" comes from a pro- LGBT culture that the Instagram user does not agree with. While being against LGBT marriage is an unpopular stance, the user is replicating authenticate conservative Christians beliefs by putting them in a new context online. The offline culture does influence the online culture of this meme because the Christian beliefs come from the conservative offline culture that is considered to be the most authenticate in the eyes of conservative religious leaders. But the offline and online contexts can again be considered blurred since the user is taking the idea of Christ dying on the cross and merging it with a phrase that was meant for the LGBT community. The user has created a new realm, online, to argue ideals that began in the offline church.

This meme is undermining Hillary's credibility by insinuating that the founder of planned parenthood was racist. Both quotes were created in the offline media, and brought into the online media together to make a point. Because abortion is an important issue for evangelical Christians, this meme may delve into the blurred lines of offline and online because when Hillary praised Margaret Sanger, she was not necessarily praising her stance on Black Americans. This meme, creates a new realm by placing the two quotes side by side, making an argument against abortion for Conservative Christians. Abortion is treated as a sin in many conservative churches, offline and the meme follows closely to that to be considered authenticate by many conservative Christians. 

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